Navigating Charleston Asbestos Legal Questions

Asbestos which was an industrial ease then found to be a deadly compound mostly effect in the state of South Carolina. Many regulations were now taken to give maximum compensations. Below article will tell you about Charleston asbestos legal questions, the past and present of asbestos, laws and regulations on asbestos and some successful verdicts and settlement.

Introduction to Asbestos

Introduction to Asbestos

Introduction to Asbestos

Asbestos refers to a group of naturally occurring mineral fibers which are known for their ability to withstand heat, fire and chemicals respectively. These unique properties of asbestos have made it a frequently used material in several commercial products, mainly insulation, fireproofing materials, automotive brakes and other commercial materials. When asbestos-containing products are handled, they distribute tiny little asbestos fibers which later become airborne, and may cause serious health problems in human lungs when they are inhaled.

1. Historical Use of Asbestos

    Asbestos has been widely used since its first appearance due to its quality of durability. There was a use of asbestos fibers by the Greeks and the Romans for the making of ceremonial candle wicks and fire-resistant clothes. It was first extensively industrialized in the second half of the 19th century, but its construction materials use was sparked due to its fire resistance and thermal insulation properties.

    Moreover, asbestos was found in automotive parts and garments of high flames resistance. Yet, the utilization of asbestos decreased in 1970’s mainly because of possible health risks, revealed as a result of asbestos exposure, may have affected.

    2. Health Risks Associated with Asbestos Exposure

      Asbestos exposure can be very dangerous and it results in many serious health problems. Non-cancer disease includes asbestosis which is lung scarring, and pleural disease, which affects the lung membrane. The exposure to asbestos plays an essential role in proliferation of lung cancer and mesothelioma which is a rare cancer that affect the linings of the lung or the abdomen. It can be a decade or more before the illness triggers detectable symptoms.

      Asbestos Exposure in Charleston

      Asbestos Exposure in Charleston

      Asbestos Exposure in Charleston

      Historically, asbestos was used widely in both private and public buildings such as the Charleston Naval Shipyard in Charleston. It was the facility, which represents asbestos because of its fireproofing and insulation properties, that was used by shipyards. Asbestos is generally adopted in the shipyards due to its heat and corrosion resistance. Asbestos exposure was a risk for the shipyard employees, especially during the busiest years, like in World War II, where at that time the workforce peaked up to 26,000 workers. The widespread use of asbestos in designing and preserving ships resulted in higher health concerns for workers and their respective community.

      Current Asbestos Concerns in Charleston

      When the Charleston Naval Shipyard ceased operation in 1996, fears of asbestos released due to the work carried out during the demolition and redevelopment of the site, emerged predominantly pointing to the fibers of asbestos that could be dispersed in the air. While the South Carolina, Department of Health and Environmental Control carried out air quality tests during the redevelopment, the safety of residents of surrounding districts was still ensured. 

      Impact on Charleston Residents

      The old shipyard are a historical haunt and a current cause for alarm in Charleston. Specifically, this asbestos has had a substantial impact on those who were near the old shipyard. Research has revealed the fact that a pleural cancer was higher among the former shipyard workers, which was matched by 6-8 times the expected levels.

      Navigating Charleston Asbestos Legal Questions

      Navigating Charleston Asbestos Legal Questions

      Navigating Charleston Asbestos Legal Questions

      Q1. What are the Federal Regulations on Asbestos?

      A. Asbestos regulations within Federal Law are typically implemented by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). There are two major regulations involving the use of asbestos.

      The Clean Air Act which prohibits industrial facilities from releasing asbestos fibers into the air and limits exposure during the repair or demolition of buildings, and the workplace safety standards regulated by OSHA which set exposure limits and mandate safety practices for workplaces that might expose workers to asbestos.

      Q2. Asbestos State-Specific Laws in South Carolina

      A. Asbestos in South Carolina is controlled by Division of Labor, Licensing and Regulation within the Department of Health and Environmental Control. The state requires that those persons and/or companies engaged in the asbestos use, must be properly trained and should hold a license. Prior to any demolition and renovation activities, particular structures are tested for the presence of asbestos. Although these rules don’t apply to one and two-family homes with three or fewer apartments, they still recommend precautions to limit the amount of time your children spend with exposure.

      Q3. What is Charleston Asbestos Legal Claims for Victims?

      A. Asbestos victims are also able to file lawsuits legally either through one or more legal claims. These include asbestos personal injury suits, wrongful death claims, and filing claims with the asbestos trust funds that was set up by the asbestos companies. Asbestos-related claims, especially mesothelioma cases, often settle for mind-boggling figures, frequently exceeding $1 million. Legal help from the experienced mesothelioma lawyers is essential in moving through the challenging legal processes and securing those appeals are filed within the legal timeframes.

      Victims of asbestos exposure can seek compensation through various legal claims. These include filing personal injury lawsuits, wrongful death claims, and claims against asbestos trust funds set up by bankrupt asbestos companies.

      Q4 .What is Statute of Limitations in Asbestos Cases?

      A. The Statute of limitations for asbestos-related cases depends on state legislation. Usually, the law sets a time limit so the litigation can start after an individual has been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease, such as mesothelioma. For wrongful death claims, the statute of limitations would typically start from the date that the deceased person’s demise. These time limits only vary from state to state and with your particular state’s laws.

      They can last anywhere from one year to several years. A key thing for victims and their families to do is to have a consultation with a lawyer who has experiences in asbestos cases so that the claim isn’t proceeded past the legal time limit, that was given to them for losing the chance to be compensated.

      Q5. How to Establish Liability in Asbestos Lawsuits?

      A. The main issue in asbestos lawsuits is to demonstrate that the defendant did not take the right measures to avoid illness from the asbestos that the victim was exposed to. This often results from establishing that the defendant was aware or ought to have been aware of the dangers caused by asbestos yet failed to give adequate warnings or protection to petitioner. The evidence can be anything as company documents, staff testimonies, and expert testimonies about asbestos and its health risks.

      Finding the exact products and practices that are the source of exposure are also important factors to analyze. Being employed by the asbestos industry, having employment records well stored, and having medical records compiled are some of the factors that determine the winning applicants in asbestos lawsuit.

      Q6. How to Fill Charleston Asbestos Lawsuit?

      A. To begin an asbestos litigation in Charleston, it usually starts with a diagnosis of mesothelioma or asbestos-related diseases. First of all, you need to consult an asbestos case lawyer who will guide you in your further activities of legal proceedings. The attorney will help in developing the work history to determine when health problems may have occurred and help file for benefits if applicable. 

      During the pre-trial phase, both parties in the lawsuit exchange information and evidence related to the case. This phase includes the collection of documents, depositions of witnesses, and interrogatories. The goal is to gather as much relevant information as possible to build a strong case. This phase is crucial for the asbestos exposure lawyer to establish the link between the client’s condition and asbestos exposure, and to identify the parties responsible for the exposure.

      If asbestos lawsuit reaches the trial phase, it means that advocates have to logically prove the case in front of the judge or jury. Trial proceedings involves the presentation of opening statement, presentation of witness numbers, and closing arguments. The potential result could be a judgment for the petitioner, or it could be a verdict for the defendant.

      If the petitioner wins the trial, the judge may award monetary damages to cover medical expenses, lost work, pain & suffering and punitive damages in case of gross negligence is proved. But most of asbestos cases have been settled out of court before standing in trial.

      Q7. What Factors Influence Asbestos Settlements

      A. The fact that there are so many parts that affect asbestos settlements leave petitioners to receive minimal payments as such. These are:

      • Diagnosis and Severity of Illness
      • Work History and Asbestos Exposure
      • Legal Claims Filed
      • Evidence and Documentation
      • Defendant’s Financial Status and Policies
      • Jurisdiction and Legal Precedents
      • Negotiation Skills and Legal Representation
      • Urgency and Plaintiff’s Circumstances

      Q8. What is the Legal compensation of Asbestos Victims in Charleston?

      A. The asbestos-exposed individuals and subsequently diagnosed with related diseases such as mesothelioma, lung cancer, or asbestosis have the legal right to seek financial compensation for damages. These compensations are claimed through the court system when a suit is filed against the manufacturers of asbestos-containing products, workplaces, or other parties that expose the victim to asbestos. The petitioner will have to demonstrate that their condition was the result of exposure, caused by the defendant’s causal breach. This compensation can cover various types of damages including:

      • Medical Expenses
      • Lost Wages
      • Pain and Suffering
      • Loss of Quality of Life

      Q9. What are the Asbestos Verdicts and Settlements?

      A. Mesothelioma settlement verdicts may be estimated at the range of $1-$2 million, whereas mesothelioma trials’ average is from $5 million to $11.4 million. As to facts the amounts would differ.

      Many of the settled mesothelioma patients and their families become millionaires from the received direct payments and trial awards. This figure means the average compensation paid from cases of mesothelioma. This varies greatly upon the actual amount depending on individual case facts and circumstances. Below are some high paid verdicts for asbestos effected patients and their families.

      • In 2003, the jury ordered U.S. Steel to pay $250 million to the wife of a former steel worker who passed away due to mesothelioma. 
      • In the year 2018, a jury formed the decision to pay a total of $117 million to Mr. Stephen Lanzo III and his wife. The jury decided that Johnson & Johnson and Imerys Talc America sold talcum powder products to Lanzo from 1979 to 2003 that had traces of asbestos in them, and that’s why she got ill.
      • The court awarded the amount of about $75 million, in the case of Ed Rockay in 2017, because he was using asbestos to gaskets in car engines.
      • As a ruling of a jury by the state of California in 2014 showed, machinist Robert Whalen of the United States Navy received a verdict of $70.8 million for mesothelioma in a lawsuit concerning the producer of gaskets company, John Crane Inc
      • A New York jury ruled that DaimlerChrysler must pay $25M for Alfred D’Ulisse, who is a retired NYPD police officer and a former brakes specialist. He filed the case, claiming he was diagnosed with mesothelioma due to the exposure to the car brakes.
      • In 2018, a San Francisco jury granted damages of nearly $24.3 million to longshoreman named George Lucas. In his case, the lawsuit claims he used to be on asbestos exposure, while working on shipyards throughout the Bay Area for approximately 30 years.
      • A Texas jury assessed $18.6 million in 2017 to the family who lost Carl Rogers, a tire factory Goodyear worker, due to mesothelioma.
      • In October 2016, a Los Angeles Superior Court jury granted Damages worth $ 18,000,000 in mesothelioma – talcum powder lawsuit to Philip Depoian as a victim.
      • In 2020, a mesothelioma patient, who worked as a drywaller, obtained a $13.4 million verdict and $75,000 in lawsuit settlements from an asbestos lawsuit filed in the state of Washington.
      • A jury awarded a former naval shipyard worker, George Parker, $6.5 million in 2016. After hearing the evidence, Parker got a favorable court verdict which stated that John Crane Inc. had exposed him to asbestos that resulted in him having mesothelioma.
      • In 2018 the family of a Redding, California mechanic received a $630,000 settlement of wrongful death associated with asbestos-related lung cancer.


      Asbestos, at one time admired for its versatility, currently serves as a warning of the deadly threats that may be hidden within even seemingly benign materials. From the past to the modern industrial areas like Charleston, its impact causes many death tragedies and illness throughout time. Strict regulations have been put in place to minimize the risks, however, lawsuits, seeking redress for those harmed, continue to be filed in courts of laws. Whereas Charleston Asbestos legal question had got in discussion for individual level of awareness and get the compensation to victim. 

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