I Panicked And Left The Scene Of An Accident (2024 Guide)

Accidents can be caused due to different reasons but it also leads to an emotion of fear and guilt. During such an incident, a person can panic and leave the scene of an accident. In this article we will cover the complete topic in detail about the consequences and possible outcomes of the action.

Understanding Hit And Run Case

Hit and run cases are mostly common. In this type of case, a driver collides with a car, property or an individual and after the accident he runs away without exchanging insurance information or providing any aid to the injured person. But after an inquiry, an individual can’t protect their selves from the legal proceedings and decisions.

If you get injured after an accident, instead of running from the situation you should take a medical assistant quickly in order to stop your bleeding or any accident damages consequences in the future. Inform the authorities after reaching a medical center, also gather your medical reports from your doctor for the future legal procedures.

Life is more important than an investigation, so no one will disturb you until you will be recovered from the injuries but you should negotiate and respect the legal proceedings as well.

I Panicked And Left the Scene of an Accident – What should I do?

I Panicked And Left The Scene Of An Accident

I Panicked And Left the Scene of an Accident – What should I do?

First thing You should not run away from the scene even If you are not involved in an accident. Panicking under such a situation is common but it is not right to run away from the situation instead you should follow these:

  • Relax your Mind
  • Analyze the situation
  • Report Your Accident
  • Record The Scene
  • Legal Process
  • Consult with an attorney
  • Mistake Learning

1 – Relax Your Mind

The most important thing you should do is to take a deep breath and relax. Sit down in any nearby place and try to calm your situation. The moment can be pushy and aggressive after an accident but remember taking any decision under an emotional state of mind can lead to long-term future consequences that can be bad for you.

2 – Analyze the Situation

Analyze your current situation. If you already left the scene of an accident then don’t wait anymore but come back to your accident scene. Try to memories everything in your mind that is surrounding you like time of the accident, place of the accident and reason of your accent. Memorizing these points will help you to open your case to your lawyer.

3 – Report Your Accident

Call the cops and report the accident immediately. Tell them all your accident details like time, place and reason of the accident. Be clear and truthful with the police and don’t tell anything false. You can contact your lawyer first before reporting the accident, it can help you to avoid any mistake during the report.

4 – Record The Scene

Note down everything that is relevant to your case; it can be the accident timing or place. You can record a video of your damaged vehicle and your injuries. Collecting even a small amount of evidence is very important for your case.

5 – Legal Process

Legal process means you have to follow all the guidelines from your lawyer like attending all court hearings, gathering of required documents or following the lawyers’ advice. Legal process is very important because following all the legal rules and advice actually increases your chances of winning a case.

6 – Consult with an attorney

Try to get in contact with an auto accident attorney as soon as possible, it will help you to avoid any issues and misunderstanding while talking to law police or insurance companies. A law firm can deal with your case effectively without your involvement. It is crucial that you hire a trusted and reliable lawyer for the sake of your case.

7 – Mistake Learning

Even if you are not proven to be guilty, you should learn from your experience. Try to improve your driving skills and what was the point that led to an accident. Try to avoid those mistakes that you have made previously. Learning from your mistake will save your life and help you to protect yourself from the future consequences.

Consequences For Leaving An Accident Scene

Consequences For Leaving An Accident Scene

Consequences For Leaving An Accident Scene

Legal system is so complex and straightforward. We cannot cheat a legal system, if you left the scene of an accident then you must be aware of the consequences you may have to face in the future. Leaving the scene of an accident can result in multiple future legal consequences including:

  • Criminal charges
  • Potential jail time
  • Losing of driving rights
  • Increase in insurance premiums
  • Property damages
  • Personal injury damages
  • Approving a warrant

Because it is against the law, if you are involved in an incident then the law police have to follow several legal proceedings. Hence, it is advisable that you should follow the legal rules and regulations even if you are guilty and responsible of an accident. Consequences for leaving an accident scene are as follows:

1. Criminal Charges

In most cases, if the result of an accident is property or car damage then the court orders the violator to pay for the losses of an accident. But in case, if a person leaves the site of an accident then the result may lead to a large amount of losses or even a jail time for months.

2. Jail Time

The result of hit and run case may also result in a jail time for the violator. Jail time depends upon the severity of injuries or damages, assume that an accident results in the loss of an individual life then it can lead to a life time jail.

But consulting with an attorney can help you a lot even if the circumstances are bad. Under the case of a life loss, it is very difficult for the violator to protect himself from the jail but a lawyer can help out by negotiating with the effected party by settling an amount for the life loss. There are a lot of cases where the opposing party agrees to accept a settlement for the loss of their loved ones life.

3. Cancellation Of Driving License

If you intentionally left the scene of an accident, you may lose your driving privileges as a result of fines issued by the authorities. Such acts are regarded as significant crimes in many countries, and the consequence is the suspension or cancellation of a driver’s license. Being unable to drive may have a significant impact on someone’s ability to go to work, travel, and perform other everyday tasks, which emphasizes the need of maintaining legal requirements following an accident.

4. Increase In Insurance Premium

Drivers who deliberately flee the scene of an accident may have increased insurance costs. Insurance companies categorize those involved in collision accidents as high-risk customers because such actions are considered reckless and dangerous and as a result, these drivers can have seen their insurance costs increase dramatically or may have difficulty obtaining coverage in future years.

These financial costs highlight how important it is to be at the scene of an accident and fulfill your legal obligations.

5. Property Damages

Accident-related property damages can be very expensive for those who intentionally flee the scene. It can be expensive to fix or replace damaged property, such as buildings, cars, or infrastructure, especially if there has been significant damage. Moreover, the severity of the incident and the place of jurisdiction can affect the penalties for property damage. In a property damage case, the violator may also have to face the fail for 15 days.

Financial hardship may increase for violators due to the possibility of high penalties, costly court costs, or even criminal prosecution. This charges highlights the importance of legal system and following it.

6. Personal Injury Damages

The injuries damages may result in fines of the losses but in a case where delays in receiving medical assistance might cause harm to victims who are left behind. These delays may also result as the death of that victims. This big damage may result in a lifetime jail time for that person who left the scene of an accident and the individuals behind.

7. Approving A Warrant

If you left the scene of an accident and ran away then the law police will first identify the driver who is responsible for the scene. After identifying the driver, the law police will request for a arrest warrant. By the help of this warrant, the police will arrest the person and take him into the custody and then the court proceedings will be held.

These court proceedings may result in a high penalty or the consequences discussed earlier.

Consequences of the accidentGuidelines to follow
Criminal chargesRelax your mind
Potential jail timeAnalyze the situation
Cancellation of driving licenseReport your accident
Increase in insurance premiumRecord the scene
Property damagesLegal process
Personal injury damagesConsult with an attorney
Approving a warrantMistake learning

Our Advice

If you left the scene of an accident, then it is advisable that you contact an attorney immediately. Going to jail for just inquiries are acceptable instead of escaping from the site of an accident. Lawyers are specialized in this kind of cases, they can protect your rights under these situations. You should openly and clearly tell everything about your case to your lawyer to help them to understand your case more effectively.

How to Choose A Right Lawyer?

How to Choose A Right Lawyer

How to Choose A Right Lawyer?

It’s crucial to understand that selecting a perfect attorney is very important for the sake of your case. Take note of their backgroundstyle of speaking, and performance record. To identify qualified attorneys, you can look through trustworthy publications or do an in-depth internet search.

A specialized attorney can maximize the chances of winning a case instead of doing it by yourself. This step is very important, because choosing a right attorney can handle your case easily. Here are the few steps for choosing a right a right attorney:

  • Shortlist few lawyers that seems professional and reliable in their field.
  • Contact the law firm and get a consultation, don’t worry it will not cost you because a professional law firm don’t demand any charges for a meeting.
  • Talk honestly and openly about your case with the attorney.
  • Examine which attorney is good in communication and truly committed to fight for your rights 

By following these steps you can select a right attorney for your case who can help you to protect your rights under a hit and run case.


Can I go to jail if I do left the scene of an accident?

It depends upon the severity of an accident, if the accident results in the loss of someone’s life then it may result in a lifetime jail or a high penalty charges.

What should I do under the case of an accident?

You should never run from the site of an accident even if you are not guilty, you should follow these guidelines such as relax your mind, analyze the situation, report your accident, record the scene, legal process, consult with a lawyer, mistake learning.

What are the consequences of leaving an accident scene?

Consequences may include criminal charges, potential jail time, loss of driving rights, increased insurance premiums, property and personal injury damages, and the issuance of a warrant.

How can I prepare for the legal process after leaving the accident scene?

Prepare for the legal process by following all guidelines from your attorney, attending court hearings, gathering necessary documents, and complying with legal advice to increase your chances of a successful case outcome.


The main point of the text is that leaving the scene of an accident can have severe legal consequences, including criminal charges, potential jail time, loss of driving rights, increased insurance premiums, property damages, personal injury damages, and the approval of a warrant. It is advised to stay at the scene, report the accident, gather evidence, follow the legal process, consult with an attorney, and learn from the experience. Choosing the right attorney is crucial in handling the case effectively.

I am Sher A, the person behind this idea. With education in Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) degree from the University of Karachi, Pakistan,, like 5 years of experience as a lawyer.

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